House of Measurement Trading (HOM)


“HOM” is a fully owned subsidiary of Yousif H. Al Hamdan Trading Co., Ltd.  (YAHT Co.) established in 1993 and specializing in weighing, measuring and control systems and equipment.HOM” has three Main Divisions:

(A)              (A) SCALES:

(1) The Division specializes mainly in the designing and manufacturing of weighbridges Under agreement / approval of our principals, Fairbanks Scales Inc./USA. All our Weighbridges are made in accordance with Fairbanks Scales specifications.

      Other Division activities include Supply, Installation, Calibration, Repair,    Operation  and  Maintenance of various Truck Scales, Industrial Scales, weigh-in-Motion scales and   other Commercial and Precision Scales….etc.

   In addition, the Division has been marketing and exporting its products into neighboring States.

  (2) Stocks of various scales and weighing equipment and parts are maintained in quantities To meet clients requirements. Division has well equipped technical Teams for the Maintenance and Calibration of scales and measuring equipment on sites or in its own Laboratory using Standard Test weights Certified by Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO).

     {For direct contact: Engr. Nazeeh Al-Atout, Scales & Project Manager,E-mail:, Mobile: 054216931}


This division provides turn-key computerized control and monitoring systems to suit various Industrial and other processes. In its well-equipped modern workshop facility in Riyadh, custom-made state-of-the-art Electronic Computerized Controllers are designed, developed and built to fully meet clients requirements. One of the recently developed and currently being marketed automation systems is its fully designed and produced Automatic Computerized Control System for Asphalt and Concrete Batching Plants (model ACPA 900-V5). More than 25 of these systems old versions have already been successfully installed and used by the division valued clients.

{For direct contact: Engr. Monther Al-Hodairi, Systems & Automation Manager,                             E-mail:, Mobile: 054216932}




This Division has been active in the area of Instrumentation particularly in Traffic Engineering Systems and Supply of Traffic Control Equipment since Establishment in 1993. The Division has successfully completed Two Big Projects, one in Jeddah and the other in Lebanon. The first completed project included Supply, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of (68) state-of-the-art Traffic Controllers for Municipality of Jeddah. Both projects were awarded in a competitive bidding and following strict and detailed technical evaluation of all offers. The other completed Project included Traffic Flow Study, Supply, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Thirteen Traffic Controllers with all related Traffic Signal Heads and required Civil and Asphalting works in Lebanon.


       Under License from SELFSIME of Italy, our division produces various Models of Traffic Controllers and Traffic Signal Heads with highest standards to meet Region most adverse weather conditions / environment and highest Traffic Systems Standards and Requirements.


In addition, our Division has also been active promoting and marketing various other Traffic requirements such as Traffic Violation Camera Detection Systems, video monitoring, speed detection, traffic counting and classifying…etc. Actually, “HOM” is Sole Agent in the Kingdom of major International Traffic companies such as SELFSIME of Italy, GATSOMETER B.V. of Netherlands and others.

{For direct contact: Engr. Samy Nihad – Vice President, E-mail:, Mobile: 053419204}


“HOM” Head Office is located in Riyadh which serve, also the Central Region. It has Branch Offices in Al-Khobar and Jeddah to cover and serve the Eastern and Western Regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


“HOM” three Divisions have been aggressively pursuing available business opportunities in the Public Sector, Semi Government and Private Entities whenever and wherever any kind of equipments and products in “HOM’s” field are required. “HOM” has executed by itself, or sometimes on behalf of its Holding Firm - Yousif H. Al Hamdan Trading Co., Ltd. (YAHT Co.) several prestigious projects Such as:

         Supply, install, and then operate and maintain for four (4) years Traffic Counting and classification equipment covering all the Saudi Arabia Roads Network linked to the Central Computer of the Client, the Ministry of Communication (MOC).

       Supply and operate for one year a special vehicle containing most advanced multi-function road pavement survey instruments for the same client “MOC”.

       Design, supply and install a Central Computerized Weighing Station at Hail project of Grain Silos and Flour Mills Organization (GSFMO).

       Maintain and Calibrate all of the “GSFMO” (36) weighbridges in different locations all over the Kingdom.

       Supply, Install and Maintain most advanced Traffic Controllers at major intersections plus complete UTC system for Jeddah Municipality.

       Design and implement Automatic Computerized Control Systems for many Batching Plants for Asphalt, Concrete and other Industries in different locations in the Kingdom.

       Supply and Install complete Automated Weighing and Monitoring Systems in twenty (20) Highway weighing stations for Ministry of Communication.

       Including the executing of about (250) contracts annually signed with Private-Sector firms to Maintain and Calibrate their weighing, measuring and control equipment and systems on regular basis.


All “HOM” Divisions maintain up-to-date information, including catalogues and demonstration kits and samples of available systems and equipment,  also maintain local inventories of individual components and spare parts to permit immediate response to emergency calls for repairs and plant expansions in the following areas: 

       * Computerized Automated Systems for industrial processes.

       * Weights derived process plant automation, batching and material handling in  

* Laboratory and precision balances.
* Static weighbridges and dynamic weigh-in-motion.
* Tank/hopper, bench, platform and floor scales.
* Electronic conversions of mechanical weighing systems.
* Water level meters, gas pressure gauges and other measuring devices.
* Traffic controllers and cameras and traffic data collection systems and


      In addition, “HOM” Service Engineers and Technicians are available to perform Preventive Maintenance, Field Repairs, testing and calibration on a complete range of electronic and mechanical weighing and measuring devices. Certified test weights and measurements are available to perform calibration in the field or at “HOM” workshops. Furthermore, “HOM” is Certified by Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO), and is a member of the International Society of Weighing and Measurement (ISWM).


The staff consist of a number of Engineers and Technicians headed by the owner, Mr. Yousif H. Al Hamdan who holds MBA from University of Texas, Austin, USA since 1966. He was a Deputy Minister of Commerce in Saudi Arabia till 1980. After that, he joined the Private Sector as an employee, then as a businessman working as a Chairman, a Managing a Director, and Director in some prominent Saudi and Joint Venture Companies.

The staff include, Mr. Samy Nihad – Vice President who is US citizen with Industrial Engineering Degree from University of TEXAS with over 25 years experience in Engineering and Business Management in USA, Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

The staff also include, Mr. Monther Hodairi, Systems and Automation Manager, who has a B.Sc. degree in Computer and Control Engineering from Coventry University of UK, Mr.Nazeeh Atout, Scales and Projects Manager who has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Jordan, plus a number of Electronic, Mechanical, Traffic and Process Control Engineers and Technicians who share more than 20 combined years of field experience.


“HOM” three Divisions competent staff of Engineers and Technicians welcomes the opportunity to review your needs and concerns, regarding your requirements and/or maintenance services needs. “HOM” is one of few Saudi firms where a client can find all his measuring, weighing, automation and Traffic Control Systems and equipment requirements….etc. If not already in stock, “HOM” undertakes to supply any requirement from its sources in shortest possible time, if it is not already in stock. Please send us a fax or e-mail whenever you have any inquiry. Our Specialized Engineers will respond to your inquiries and requirements, immediately.


For more information and further assistance please use following addresses:






TEL: 00966 1 474 0022 / FAX: 00966 1 478 4857






TEL: 00966 3 8890091 / FAX: 00966 3 8890092






TEL: 00966 2 6636806 / FAX: 00966 2 6636790





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