Yousif H Al-Hamdan Trading Co.Ltd. (YAHTco)

Yousif H Al-Hamdan Trading Co.Ltd. (YAHTco) is a private Saudi Arabian business entity established in late 1989 with a Head Office in Riyadh and branch offices in Jeddah and Al Khobar to cover the western and eastern regions of Saudi Arabia respectively.

YAHT is the parent firm for its fully owned subsidiaries:


1. House Of Measurement Trading (HOM) Specialized in weighing, measuring,industrial & traffic controls and monitoring systems and equipment. Please see HOM .
2. Dar Al Najat Medical Technology (NAJAT) Specialized in the supply and maintenance of medical and laboratory equipment. Please see NAJAT .


3. National Al Waseet Office The only professional brokerage office in Saudi Arabia and some Arab States specialized in facilitating the selling and acquiring of businesses for clients. It also provides IT services including providing daily information of announced tenders in Saudi Arabia for subsicribers. Please see ALWaseet.  
4- Dar-Aldaris Scientific Technology: Specialized in the supply of scientific, educational, research and laboratories equipment and supplies. Please see Aldaris.


In addition, YAHTco has a fully staffed operating division engaged in the trading and contracting in instrumentation and high technology electronic systems and equipment, in the fields of traffic, weighing and measuring, control and automation, medical equipment...etc. The Electro-mechanical works associated with contracting are done in association with its fully owned subsidiaries HOM or NAJAT, or by organizing special qualified teams to manage and execute the works. YAHTco  is a classified Saudi contractor by Ministry Of Public Works in electronics, electrical, mechanical and building works plus medical centers maintenance.

YAHTco has been aggressively pursuing available business opportunities in the public sector, semi-government and private entities whenever and wherever any kind of equipment and products in YAHTcoís fields is required. YAHTco has concluded and executed several contracts, some of which are :

Supply and installation of sophisticated classifying traffic and control (TCC) systems and equipment in over 30 sites scattered all over the highways of Saudi Arabia, for Ministry of Transportation (MOT), then provide their maintenance for the road contractors.
Supply, manufacture and install several high tech computerized weighbridge stations to various private firms and some government authorities including  the Grain Silos and Flour Mills Organization (GSFMO) and the General Cusoms Department of Ministry of Finance.
Maintenance of criminology (Forensic) laboratories equipment all over Saudi Arabia for 15 years for Ministry of Interior.

Supply, installation and maintenance of most advanced traffic controllers in 72 main intersections in Jeddah plus a UTC system for Jeddah Municipality.

Supply and installation of dynamic scales and automate and upgrade the  weighing stations in major highways of Saudi Arabia for  Ministry of Transportation.
*Design,develop and install more than 40 electronic computorized control and automated systems in most of the batching and mixing plants (concrete and asphalt) .

*Supply and install  several and various medical equipment and devices to most of the Ministry of Health (MOH) clinics and hospitals, plus to many private sector run health centers.


In undertaking all its projects, YAHTco has cooperated with reputable and well known international American, Canadian and European companies for which YAHTco has the full exclusive agency and as such, it had always tried and succeeded in marketing their equipment and services.



YAHTco is also involved in ventures and projects development. Normally, a business idea is either initiated by YAHTco or by someone else, where YAHTco then undertakes the responsibility of developing and promoting it from the market study stage to full implementation stage. YAHTco is always the leading partner in such ventures and seeks other reputable businessmen to invest in these ventures as partners.

One example of most successful ventures is the National Installment Company (Al Takseet), which was established in 1989 to provide consumersí financing. It is now a leading closed joint stocks company with a turnover of over 70 million US$ in 2008 . Mr. Yousif Al Hamdan has been the Chairman since establishment. For more information, please visit:www.takseet.com

Also, in 2008 Mr. Al Hamdan was chosen to be the chairman of the Allianz Saudi Fransi Insurance co. It is a joint stocks company  captalized at Million SR 200.For mor information, please visit; www.allianzsf.com

To complement its activities, YAHTco has  obtained an industrial license and  established a factory ďHouse Of Measurement FactoryĒ to manufacture and assemble some of its imported products through technical agreements licenses with the international suppliers. The factory is producing the most advanced traffic controllers, weighing and measuring equipment and devices. 


Finally, Mr. Al Hamdan is the main owner and President of YAHTco. He is a graduate with both BBA and MBA from the University of Texas in Austin. He had been the Deputy Minister Of Commerce of Saudi Arabia between 1975 - 1980. He was elected for 12 years to Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry and served as the Vice-Chairman till 1992. He was the first Saudi to be elected in 1990 to the executive board of the  Paris based International Chamber of Commerce. He was board member of various local and foreign organizations and forums including Saudi Industrial Fund(SIF), Saudi Standard Orgnization(SASO), Saudi Ports Autority, National Industrial Co (NIC), Riyadh Bank, General Organization for Defence Industries ,etc.

 Mr. Bader Y. Al Hamdan who has BA degree from King Saud University and some graduate studies from New Zealand plus some years  of experience in The Saudi Stocks Market Authority serves as Executive Vice President . Also,the group Vice President is Mr Zuhair Sami Nihad who is US citizen with Industrial Engineering degree from University of Texas with over 25 years experience in business management in USA, Kuwait, and Lebanon.


For more information, please contact:


P.O. Box 6838 Riyadh 11452, Saudi Arabia
(966 1) 474 0022
(966 1) 478 4857

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