Dar-Aldaris Scientific Technology


Specialists in scientific, educational and laboratories equipment and supplies.


Dar-Aldaris with its Head Office in Riyadh and two branches in Jeddah and Alkhobar, has been established to cover both Eastern and Western provinces by supplying specialized services in the area of scientific, school equipment, as well as hospital and handicapped supplies.


Dar-Aldaris activities is focusing on the importation of the following:


-         Equipment for University labs, scientific research centers and schools.

-         Advanced biotechnology equipment and materials.

-         Glass wares, incubators, analytical apparatus, microscopes…etc.

-         Hospitals and disabled requirements.


Dar-Aldaris is keen to import equipment from the best international companies in Europe, USA, Korea…etc., taking into consideration that Dar- Aldaris has good history in dealing with such companies, and representing many of them in the Kingdom.


Dar-Aldaris is giving special to its clients’ requirements such as:

* Universities, colleges, institutes and schools.

* Scientific research centers and agencies labs.

* Hospitals, clinics and medical labs.


Service after sales is one of the main aims, which we are keen to achieve, as our maintenance team who is highly and technically qualified to render such maintenance and repair tasks in the right time.


In its continuous endeavors to actively participate in the scientific advancement in the Kingdom, Dar Aldaris, provides special discount to researches and scientific research centers including Universities, Schools and Research Centers


For more information or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact:


Dar Aldaris for Scientific Technology on:-


P.O. Box 6838

Riyadh 11452

Phone: +966 1 474 0022

Fax: +966 1 478 4857

E-mail: aldaris@waseet.com

Web site: http://waseet.com/Aldaris

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